Tips for Web Design that gives professional look and Relevant to your business


Nadine Abraham

Today there are millions and billions of website that available in a market the gives information about its product or services. So it is better to understand which type of website is feet at match to our business and meet the visitors or customers needs.

Business Analysis:

Business analysis is the most important before make any website. Because without strong business analysis of your business making a website is major mistake that generate the bad impression to our visitors, clients and customers.

In this business analysis we have to see the whether it is product or service, or the purpose of website to generate a brand identity of gives information to its client and customers.

Web site Design:


You can use any color combination to design a website today generally light color is on demand with contract of font color should be dark to give professional look to your website. If you are promote your business to industry than your website is looks like very professional, rich of information and up to date with latest technology used in it.

Website Structure:

Website is easy to navigate from home page to any another page and should be in a hierarchical manner. You can also provide a website map to your user so they can also get idea of whole website and easy to reach directly from site map.

Website Menu:

Website menu is important in your website you can go anywhere from main menu to any other category and sub category through this menu. So website menu makes important role for design website.

Fond Design and Color:

There are many fonts available in the market like Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Cambria, Tahoma and many more you can choose your fond design depending on your needs and font color should be attractive and should be well contrast with website design color theme. Font size should be more than 10 for heading.

Website Design Template:

You can design a template of your website or you can down load a free or paid template that should be ready made available in the market as per your choice.

Website SEO: Design your website in away that it can be easily crawl by the search engine crawler and can be rank on targeted keyword by search Engine Professionals to increase your business and increase the awareness of your business and lead generation.

In this way you can design a website that is easily visible in the search engine and more users friendly to generate a business.

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