For looking good, there are various skin care products that can assure you a good glowing skin and they claim that they are harmless. However you have to be careful while choosing these products as they may harm your sensitive skin. Thus you must always use the recommended products. The use of the bleaching agents is one such issue. May people say that you shouldnt use the leaching agents as they cause skin irritating and also sometimes results in skin disfiguration. But all the dermatologists and cosmetics expert feel that it is safe to use the bleaching agents once in a month. It will help you a lot to enhance your looks and using it rarely will not affect your skin. A child has a beautiful skin with no marks bur as we grow older; the skin is exposed to harsh conditions like pollution, sun rays and various other chemicals that lead to blemishes on the skin. In order to get rid of hem and to regenerate your skin, you must use the natural products that can give you the desired results without causing arm to your skin. The use of hydroquinone as the bleaching agent is very harmful. It can lead to several deadly diseases such as leukemia and other liver related disorders. The use of this product is completely banned in UK. Also sometimes metals like mercury are used as the bleaching agent which is as harmful s the hydroquinone. This one must avoid the use of these bleaching agentsThere are other natural products that can help you to get good skin without causing any harm to you. One such agent is alpha arbutin serum. The alpha arbutin serum contains harmless products like kojic acid, mulberry fruit extract, emblica powder and bearberry and lemon juice extract. The alpha arbutin serum will help you to reduce the hyper pigmentation and thus allow you to get light color skin. Since the alpha arbutin serum does not contain any harmful chemical it is safe you use it daily. After using the alpha arbutin serum, you can see positive results in your skin.