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So, you have finally decided to build your very own home. You want everything to be perfect, from the colours of the walls to the size of the rooms and the fancy fittings. A house’s doors and windows are also very important parts of its make-up, not only because they add beauty to its appearance, but also because they have a key purpose.

That said, it is highly important that you choose carefully the kinds of doors and windows that will suit your home and requirements. For instance, exterior doors such as fire doors have entirely different purposes from interior ones, just as important is the appearance as each has its own style and depends on the overall look you are trying to achieve. While there are a lot of factors to consider in choosing the units, there are also a wide range of choices from which you can find the perfect match for your house, your needs and your preferences. Let us take a look at the following aspects that need to be taken into account:

Style – Doors and windows significantly affect the overall look and feel of the house. If you want to achieve a Victorian look, then look for frames and panes that have intricate designs. However, if you want a zen or minimalist feel, then you may opt for large units that have little to no design details.


Shape – Although this is closely related to the style you want, you still need to make a decision as there are many shapes and forms available.

Colour – If you have an interior designer working with you on your new home, then there should be little difficulty in deciding upon the colour. However, with such a wide range of palettes you may find it confusing, ask yourself this question: What do I want my doors and windows to achieve? Do you want them to stand out, or blend in naturally with the rest of the elements in the house? Standout colors are those that complement the rest of the house, such as pink windows for a yellow room, whilst blend-in colors could be mauve for walls that are painted in light brown.

Price – What you want will usually rule the price that you have to pay, however there are plenty of affordable alternatives in quality materials. Oak doors are of course more expensive than other kinds of wood yet they may look the same to the non-expert. Other alternatives would be to minimize the additional details on the window or door, or even decrease its size for lower costs.

Thermal protection – Do your doors and windows protect from too much cold or heat during the seasons? Remember that they are not only decorative elements in the house, but are purposeful parts that protect against the harsh elements. Check out the thermal protection rating of the windows that you see, the higher it is the more comfortable your home will be.

Impact resistance – Do you live in an area where hail is common? Or have kids that play with toys that get tossed and thrown around the house? Invest in appliances that have high impact resistance to lessen the need to replace them again and again if there should be an accident.

Security – Sometimes aesthetic value is deemed more important than the safety and security value of exterior doors, for instance, a glass window may be more attractive but putting in grills may spoil the design. However, grills make for a safer home, if you can find a way to secure your house then there may be no need to put grills on windows, but if you live in a neighborhood with houses that are fence-free, then they may be the better option for you.

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