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Based on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) statistics, breast surgery remains to be among the top procedures being requested. They had a total of 290,274 cases in 2013. This reflects a 37% increase since 2000. However, despite the continuously increasing demand, women are still looking for better ways on how to achieve breast enhancement. Experts are also looking into how this can be delivered, resulting in some new techniques made available at present. Let’s take a look if there is something here that would interest you.

In 2013, it is the Allergan’s Natrelle 410 and Mentor’s Contour Profile Gel. These are form-stable shaped breast implants, more popularly known as the gummy bear implant, that have been making news. A lot of surgeons consider it to be a superior form of implant because of its firm composition. Instead of the more viscous silicone, this type takes on a more solid form, just like a gummy bear.

For 2014, another breed of implant is expected to take the reigns with the anticipated FDA approval of the IDEAL IMPLANT. It is said that this implant will bring patients a new hybrid design as it combines the natural outcome that is provided by silicone gel, while at the same time, giving you the safety of a saline implant.

Ideal Implant

This type of implant is designed to have internal chambers that allow the saline solution inside to flow more evenly even as you move. This type of structure lessens the wrinkling and rippling, which is one of the major concerns that women have with their saline implants. It is actually the first improvement that is done on the basic saline implant according to its inventor, plastic surgeon Dr. Robert S. Hamas. According to experts, the Ideal Implant looks and feels like a silicone implant even if its actually filled with saline.


The FDA clinical trial is being conducted in select areas in the US. This gives a limited number of women an opportunity to take part in the study and also to experience this new type of implant. The researchers devised a payment plan which serves as a financial incentive (a lump sum payment fro an independent trust fund) for all the women who will take part in it. It is expected that these study participants complete all their follow-up visits over 10 years time. This gives the FDA enough data to establish its safety and effectiveness.

Vectra 3D Imaging Device

If you are curious how a Kate Upton cup size would look on your figure, you can now visualize it through Vectra 3-D Imaging Device. It allows clients to see their chests inflated photographically. There is also another device that calculates chest dimensions and nipple spacing in order to come up with the perfect cup size and the most flattering silhouette.

Fat Transfer

Today, a lot of women are realizing that they really don’t need to go bigger to achieve dramatic results, but rather all they need are few adjustments for subtle outcomes. This is where fat transfer or fat injections become better options. Fat grafting for breast enhancement has been considered to be an efficient way to make use of extra fats, granted that you have some problem areas such as saddle bags or love handles.

However, the procedure can be invasive because you have to undergo liposuction first to remove these fat grafts. It is either injected directly into your chest, or it could be processed to concentrate the number of stem cells so that it will thrive better with existing adipose tissues. This is a very attractive option because you don’t have to worry about incisions and scars on your breast and it will also create more natural-looking results. It is a hundred percent natural, which means that the materials used is indeed much safe. Aside from being scarless, it also feels very natural and it is even hard to tell that you’ve had something done.

There are some drawbacks to this procedure. It still requires pretty much the same downtime as the typical breast augmentation surgery because you also have to recover from the liposuction process. Another is that only 50-60% of the fat remains after 6 months because the rest is metabolized by the body. That would mean half to a full cup size.

There is indeed a lot of innovations available for implants today. In fact, in a Marie Claire article, a certain Dr. Grant Stevens plastic surgeon in Marina del Ray, California, said that, Outside the US, implants with more shape options are already in use. He shares that he even saw implants made specifically for the left or right side of the chest.

While some are in its trial stages, or awaiting approval, some remain to be a futuristic goal like stem cell injections for example. With all these improvements, one can be hopeful that the overall aesthetic results of breast implants will be further improved.

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