By Charlene Lacandazo

No matter what kind of business you work in, these days it is more than likely that you have some form of dealings with businesses or individuals overseas. When you don’t have knowledge of a language other than your own it can be difficult to communicate effectively with your international correspondent. It is situations like these where the services of a professional Japanese translation company can prove vital for the continued success of your business.

Communication is Key

Think about the many ways in which we communicate with each other and how we display information in the public domain. How many of these formats are alienating possible clients simply because they are in a single language format? There is no reason why even the smallest company could not offer at least some of their information in another language.

How many emails, letters and mail shots do you send out a week to clients based outside of your country of residence? Granted there are probably more based in your local area, but would it not be a good idea to widen your international customer base, and actively seek out new business partnerships with the aid of translating your business documents into Japanese or other languages in an effort to increase your international market share?

Clear lines of communication are paramount to effective marketing and business, making them as clear as possible in the language of your client base or future client base paves the way to continuing and future trade.

Breaking Down Barriers

A top quality Japanese translation service that looks at every aspect of your daily communications and documentation may be expensive, and could well appear off putting to the smaller business, however, there is no need to do everything at once.

Start with one area of communication, where you encounter the most barriers to clear communication and start with that one first. If the cost is still proving inhibitive start enquiring at your local collages for language students, with Japanese as their first language. It could be that after discussing your proposals with the lecturers there that they might see your proposal as a viable curriculum activity for their students.

However if you do choose to use this option you will need to ensure that everything is completely proof read before you start using it in your business activities.

As you can see there is more than one way to break those communication barriers down. The use of Japanese translation in business meetings and conference facilities is another way of utilising translation services to break down barriers.

Simultaneous Japanese translation will allow your Japanese clients to feel more at ease and give them confidence to speak more freely than perhaps they otherwise would. There are so many ways in which we communicate with people on a daily basis that it seems ignorant not to at least show that you as a business are willing to take steps to break down communication barriers that exist between nations.

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